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Do You Have An Escape Plan?

10/7/2022 (Permalink)

People Gathered at an Exit How many emergency exits are there in your building?

How To Craft An Escape Plan

How many times throughout your day do you consider your disaster planning? Do you run through your fire prevention efforts and exit strategies? A contingency plan can be a useful tool in the event of a disaster, but if you fail to practice or review it, is it really a help? Having a fire restoration company in State College, PA, on standby is only part of the preventive strategy, it is also necessary to know how to craft an escape plan and ensure your staff and facility stay safe during a fire.

Count the exits
Eliminate obstacles
Inspect preventative systems
Get real about practice

Count the Exits
How many emergency exits are there in your building? How many exits out of each room? The minimum number of exits suggested for an evacuation plan is two for every room. People need to have multiple ways of getting to safety from their workspace. In offices, a door and a window are enough, but make sure that employees have tools needed for a safe escape.

Eliminate Obstacles
As part of the contingency plan and escape, it is crucial to keep hallways free and clear. Also, avoid placing shelving and storage in front of windows or doorways. When a fire happens, the smoke makes it nearly impossible to see. Obstacles only slow down a person's escape.

Inspect Preventative Systems
Annual and semi-annual inspections of preventative systems can help reassure you and your staff of the safety of the building. Sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers are some of the best defenses against fire, and keeping these tools functional should be a priority among business owners.

Get Real About Practice
Too many companies have escape plans, but they fail to practice. Having maps and exit signs are not enough to ensure the safety of employees. Practice regularly throughout the year.
A business contingency plan is about preparing for the worst-case. If you need help designing a plan, then contact a disaster professional for advice.